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Team Parent Information

Picture Day, Sunday March 29th

 Order Forms 

  • Coaches and Team Parent can not fill out the order forms for the entire team
  • The order form is essential as it allows the photo company to ensure each player receives their correct order
  • If you are ordering online please make sure that you bring the printed order receipt.
  • If you forget the day of to bring the online receipt please make sure that your phone as the email available.  
  • Having order forms filled out and ready to go will help picture day run smooth.

Picture Day

  • We ask that each team arrive 15 minutes before their scheduled picture time. 
  • Coach of Team Parent needs to check-in at display table.  
  • Teams need to be lined up by height order - Shortest to Tallest.   
  • Team will be taken to an available camera when the entire team has arrived, they are in height order and each of them has an order form or online receipt in their hand.
    • Buddy Pictures - are on the same form as the individual orders, so if there are any questions the display table will be able to assist.  
      • If you are taking buddy pictures please make sure that your coach or team parent is aware and that both children are present at the time are being taken by one of the children.
    • Payment on Picture Day 
      • MVP Studios accepts all forms of payment – cash, checks (payable to MVP Studios), and all major credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express & Discover)
      • Above payment is to be made on picture day in the Order Form Envelope.
      • Change will be available if necessary at the Display Table
  • All players will receive an 8"x10" Memory Matte Composite which includes a 6" x 8" Team Photo, 3"x5" Individual, 1 custom button & 4 jumbo wallet individual photos

Dear Parents,

MVP Studios has created a custom Garden Grove Pony web site for all of your Picture Day related needs!  Here are a few things that you can do on your new site:

·         Pre-Order: You may browse products and place an order online BEFORE your event

·         Download order forms and other documents

·         View images of our products

·         Get your Photographer’s contact information

Go Online Today At:            Enter League Code: V934



Questions?  Contact MVP Studios at 951-240-5538 or email

Please use the form below to submit your Team Sponsorship requests

Sponsorship Funds

Please fill out the sponsorship check request below and attach your receipt showing what was purchased for the kids (Make sure you keep copies for yourself). Please put the form in the Team Parent Coordinator file in the snack bar. I will then get a check from the treasurer and put the check in your teams file. Also the last day to request Sponsorship funds will be at closing ceremonies. So please make sure you get it to me as soon as you can. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you!

Kaila Vasquez

Basic Scorekeeping Video

Below are two videos on basic baseball scorekeeping.